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Now Hiring: Rental / Sales Agents
Samson Realty is hiring for the the position of Rental / Sales Agent to work with the many thousands of people who call upon our office for assistance each year. Below we will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this position.
Q: What is a Rental / Sales Agent?
A: A Rental / Sales Agent is someone who spends their time split between doing rentals (mostly residential but also commercial) and sales. The blueprint of Samson Realty is that we specialize in Residential Rentals AND do sales.
Q: What are the advantages of doing rentals along with sales?
A: There are 2 distinct advantages to doing both rentals and sales:
1. Rentals provide an excellent opportunity to meet customers (renters looking) in volume who are potential buyers both for present and future. By meeting people face to face and helping them with their rental needs an agent can develop a relationship with a renter and build a clientele. No more soliciting relatives.
2. It is a good source of income especially during slower times and in-between sales.
Q: What is the ratio of Rentals vs. Sales that I would be doing?
A: Newer agents or agents that don't have an established book of their own clients usually start off doing mostly rentals and then build up the sales over time. Sales will allow you to make larger amounts of money at one time while the rentals will keep you going in the interim.

Q: What are the hours?

A: We are looking to hire agents who will work full time. An "in the office presence" is expected and is a huge advantage to you as people call and walk-in to our office all day long.
Q:What are qualities that make someone good for this job?
A: A person should be energetic and be able to be prepared at any time to talk to a new customer with a smile. The ability to call customers and do phone work is essential. Organization and scheduling skills are an asset.
Q: Do I need to have a Real Estate License to do rentals?
A: Absolutely, YES, it’s the law! While we are looking to hire Agents that have a Real Estate License already, we will consider training the right person, sponsoring and guiding them through the licensing process. Real estate sales people (in this capacity) are self employed, and along with maintaining their license, are required to join a Board of Realtors and participate in MLS.


Q: What if I am interested?
A: Please email mail your resume to: along with any questions you may have. All correspondence will be handled with the utmost discretion with regards to privacy.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.